Pentair Pool pumps

Pool Pumps

Primed and Ready for Action

They’re whisper-quiet. They’re ENERGY STAR® Certified. They’re compliant with updated DOE regulations. They’re as powerful as the memories you’ll have time to make. They’re Pentair Pool Pumps.

We know a pool is only as good as its pump, which is why we pride ourselves on using Pentair’s line of innovative, longer lasting, and higher performing pool pumps. Efficient. Smart. Quiet. Durable. No matter what qualities you are looking for, Pentair has a solution for your every pool pump need.

Yeah…you could say we’re pretty pumped!

“We build Beautifully designed pools with the best possible materials and resources”

- Pentair Pool Pumps

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Lets set up a time where we can have a no obligation conversation about what Luxe Pools can do for you, How much we would charge, and how long it would take. We need to put together a detailed itemized list of all the things that will go into building your new pool, we will get all of those details and put together a proposal for you at no cost whatsoever.