Proposal For John Way

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For the price of Pool/SPA Cost: $98,891; Project Total Cost: $119,708

We will Build 30’x15’, 106’ Perimeter Pool with 6’ x 6’, 24’ Perimeter Above Ground SPA 24”.

Pool Dimensions:

  • Pool Internal surface area: 543 sq ft at 14,093 Gallons
  • Install 92 Ln / Ft of 12’x 12’ Coping- Silver Travertine
  • Install 220 sq ft of Random Pattern -Silver Travertine
  • Install 1-Baja Step 12’ long x 8’ wide
  • Install 3-Steps 15’ long x 1’3” wide
  • Install 2- Aquastar Pool Products Umbrella Stand w/Sleeve and Center Cap

Pool/Spa Interior:

  • Mini Pebble Tec (Aqua Cool with Puerto Rico Blend)
  • Install 106’ Ln/Ft for pool and 25’ Ln/Ft for SPA client’s choice of Blue dot Waterline tile




Poured concrete per engineered plans to include:

  • Concrete Formwork
  • Concrete/Shotcrete (31 yards)
  • Rebar-5330 lineal ft for pool.
  • SPA Internal surface area: 122 sq ft at 412 Gallons
  • Install 22’ Ln / Ft of Coping- Concrete
  • Install 6’ Spillover
  • Install 18 sq ft of stucco and paint to match house
  • Concrete/Shotcrete (5 yards)
  • Rebar- 776 lineal ft for pool
  • 543 sq ft area to depths of 3’x 7’ for pool and 36 sq ft area to depth of 3ft for spa.
  • 2- Hayward White MDXR3 Adjustable Debris Drain with Cap Main Drain System
  • 1- Hayward Standard White Paraskimv Venturi Skimmer w/o Lid and with 2 ½ in plumbing
  • 1- Hayward 2”x 2 1/2” PSV Series 3-Way Diverter CPVC
  • 1- Hayward Paralevel Water leveler
  • 1- 30” Hayward Deck-O- Drain

Cleaning System:

  • 1- Hayward AquaVac 650 Robotic Pool Cleaner with Caddy and Wi-Fi Control (Expert Line)
  • 1- Hayward TriStar VS 950 Variable Speed Pump 2.7HP 115/230V
  • 1- Hayward TriStar XE Pump 1.25 THP
  • 1- Hayward Colorlogic Universal LED Pool Light with 100’ Cord 12V
  • 1- Hayward Colorlogic Universal Pool Light Niche, Shallow Plastic
  • 1- Hayward Colorlogic Universal Color LED SPA Light with 100’ Cord 12V 35W
  • 1- Hayward Colorlogic Universal Color Plastic SPA Niche for Concrete Pools
  • 1- Hayward SPA Air Blower 1.5HP 230V
  • 4- Hayward ParaJet True Directional SPA Jets
  • 1- Diversitech 24″ x 36″ x 3″ Cladlite Equipment Pad
  • 1- Hayward Standard Gray Paraskimv Venturi Skimmer w/o Lid and with 2 ½ in plumbing
  • 1-Hayward 525 sq ft Swimclear Cartridge Filter
  • 1-Hayward ColorLogic® Light Controller, Standalone
  • 1- Hayward OmniLogic 4 Relay Base Panel
  • 1- Hayward Universal H-Series Natural Gas Heater 400K BTU 110/220V


• Basic training of pool equipment functions included. If client is installing heaters/pumps or line upgrades, additional charges may occur to upgrade lines to comply with equipment manufacture warranty


All electrical to be installed per plan and code.

  • Up to 25’ Electrical run up to #10 wire (from main panel to equipment area)
  • Gas run 25′ Ln/Ft (from gas meter to equipment area)
  • Perimeter bonding, GFCI breaker for pump and electrical connections per code

(Anything beyond 25’ client will be responsible for at a rate of $25 per ft which includes materials and trenching).

  • Pool Equipment Wall, 15’ ln. ft (equipment wall w/stucco to match house)

Total: $1600


  • Tile Band on the steps in Pool Baja step and steps

Total: $3,280.50



  • Remove plants and planters
  • Clear a 1,676 sq ft area in preparation for pool and landscaping

Total: $2,025


Remove and build up Entry Gate:

  • Tear down wall by Entry Gate before project begins
  • Rebuild Wall by Entry Gate when project is completed

Total: $2,430



  • Install 709 sq ft of Diamond Light Fescue
  • Install 9 tons of 2-2 ½ in of Drain Rock
  • Install 5 tons of 1-1 ½ in of Decomposed Granite
  • Install 529, 40 D Nails along the perimeter and throughout the center
  • Install 397, 6”x 1”x 6” Staples along the seam
  • Install 709 sq ft of Weed Barrier
  • Install 1,043 lbs of Silica Sand
  • Install 56 units of Wonder Edging

Total: $11,392.84



  • 2 tons fill dirt for contouring
  • 2 tons of gravel
  • 2-15-gallon HopBush Shrub
  • 5- 1-gallon Agave Celisii
  • 2- 3-gallon Agave Celisii
  • 3- 5-gallon Dodonaea Viscosa
  • Install 148 Ln / Ft of concrete curbing.
  • Install Rain Bird Landscape and Garden Drip Watering Kit
  • Install Rain Bird Electronic Timer
  • Install Rain Bird ½”x 500 ft Drip Irrigation Tubing Coil
  • Install 2-Lamar 10-Watt Equivalent Low Voltage Black Integrated LED Outdoor Path Lights (6-Pack

Total: $6,143.55

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