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Project 3d Renderings:

Panorama 360:

For The Amount Of $266,879

Luxe Pools Will Perform The Following:

We will Build 141’ Perimeter Pool with a 28’ Perimeter SPA that is 24” Raised from the ground

Pool Dimensions:

  • Pool Internal surface area: 1541 sq ft at 22,900 Gallons
  • Install 122’ Ln / Ft of 12’x 12’ Coping- Noce Travertine
  • Install 470’ ln/Ft of 12’x12’ Decking- Random Pattern Noce Travertine
  • 1-Baja Step 20’long x 8’wide, curve 24’6”
  • 2-Pool Steps 6’ long x 1’ wide

Pool Water Feature:

  • 38’ Perimeter Raised Water feature that is 1’ tall
  • 4-36” Stainless Steel Pure Flow Scuppers

Pool Interior:

  • Mini Pebble Tec (Aqua Cool with Puerto Rico Blend)
  •  Install 145’ Ln/Ft for pool and 30’ Ln/Ft for SPA client’s choice of Blue dot Waterline tile
  • SPA Internal surface area: 123 sq ft at 535 Gallons
  • Install 26’ Ln / Ft of 12’x 12’ Coping- Noce Travertine
  • 28’Ln/Ft SPA bench
  • 10’ Corner Spillover
  • Concrete/Shotcrete (8 yards)
  • Rebar-495’ lineal ft

Covered Outdoor Kitchen:

  • 15’x20’ Pergola
  • Install 128 sq. ft of 12’x 12’ Decking-Random Pattern Noce Travertine
  • Install 342 sq. ft of CMU Media Wall
  • 4- Black LED Outdoor Wall Cylinder Light w/Dusk to Dawn Sensor

BBQ Island:

  • Install 30’ Perimeter BBQ Island with stucco to match home
  • 32” Summerset Grill with Double Access Door
  • 32” Blaze Prelude LBM 4- Burner Built in Natural Grill
  • 20” Blaze 4.4 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator with Recessed Handle
  • Will need gas and electricity to power the BBQ and Media Wall
  • Pool Equipment Wall, 10’ ln. ft (equipment wall w/stucco to match house) $1500
  • 1- 16’ BBQ Guys Signature Stainless Steel Double Access with Paper Towel Dispenser- Traditional-$250
  • 1- Fire Magic Choice Built-In Natural Gas Single Burner $1200
  • 21” BBQGuys Signature Outdoor Rated Stainless-Steel Drop-in Sink with Hot/Cold Faucet $610


  • 50 tons 1/2″ granite 
  • 16 tons fill dirt for contouring
  • 8 surface select landscape boulders
  • 4 – 24” box trees
  • 6 – 15 gallon trees
  • 20 – 5 gallon plants
  • 35 – 1 gallon plants
  • 2-Complete automatic drip irrigation system
  • 3VOLT® (6) G2 Fat Boy Spotlight (4) Max Spread Path Light Kit $834.97
  • Clients of choice of plants.

Luxe Development Group Inc DBA Luxe Pools and Landscaping shall complete permit applications and make submissions to municipality for all building and mechanical permits required. Standard permits and engineered plans are included.

*Owner is responsible for any HOA approvals, if required.

Property clearing such as removal of trees/brush from property within limits of disturbance and as defined for removal on site development plans not included unless specified.

 For foundation to plan bottom per architectural drawingsUnsuitable  
soil conditions at or above plan bottom are unknowns and cannot be  budgeted for prior to excavation. i.e. Rock, soft clays, sinkholes, etc. these will incur additional costs of $225 per hour. 
Luxe Development Group Inc DBA Luxe Pools and Landscaping will not be held responsible for damage to or replacement of irrigation lines, sprinkler lines, water lines, gas lines, electric lines, phone lines or cable TV lines not shown on blue stake prior to excavation.
If we get into a HARD DIG situation, client will be responsible for extra costs associated with hard Dig at $1,000 per foot of depth

For trenching of electrical and gas lines, the first 50’ are included in the proposal. Any additional feet beyond 50’ will be charged at $35 per ft. to include materials and labor.  This is based on having a clear run (no obstacles) such as concrete, brickwork, pavers, trees etc. this would incur additional fees.

To include perimeter bonding, GFCI breaker for pump and electrical connections per code

Exclusions from Agreement:

  •  Rock
  •  De-watering
  •  Unsuitable or unstable soil conditions
  •  Hidden/Undisclosed wells, tanks, pits, etc.
  •  Hauling expenses except as related to demolition.
  • 943 sq ft area to depths of 3’x 6’ for pool; 49 sq ft area to depth of 3’ for the SPA




Poured concrete per engineered plans to include:

  • Concrete Formwork
  • Concrete/Shotcrete (58 yards)
  • Rebar- 4650’ lineal ft for pool
  • 2- HAYWARD White MDXR3 Adjustable Debris Drain with Cap Main Drain System
  • 2- Hayward Standard White Paraskimv Venturi Skimmer w/o Lid and with 2 ½ in plumbing
  • 3- Hayward 2”x 2 1/2” PSV Series 3-Way Diverter CPVC

Cleaning System:

  • Paramount In-Floor Cleaning System w/35 pop-ups

• 1- Hayward TriStar XE Pump 1.25 THP
• 1- Hayward TriStar VS 950 Variable Speed Pump 2.7HP 115/230V
• 1- Hayward Colorlogic Universal LED Pool Light with 100’ Cord 12V
• 1- Hayward Colorlogic Universal Color SPA LED Light with 100’ Cord 12V 35 W
• 1- Hayward Beige Paralevel Water leveler
• 1- Diversitech 24″ x 36″ x 3″ Cladlite Equipment Pad
• 2- Hayward Standard White Paraskimv Venturi Skimmer w/o Lid and with 2 ½ in plumbing
• 1- 30” Hayward Deck-O- Drain Beige
• 1-Hayward ColorLogic® Light Controller, Standalone
• 1-Hayward 700 sq ft Swimclear Cartridge Filter
• 1- Hayward Heat Pro VS-Series Variable Speed Vertical Fan Heat Pump 120K BTU
• 1- Hayward TurboCell S3 Salt Chlorination Cell 40K gal
• 1- Hayward Omni 4 Relay with TCELL340, Web
• 1- Hayward SPA Air Blower 1.5HP 230V
• 1-ProLogic 8-Relay Pool and Spa Control System
• 1- Hayward 140 W Junction Box Transformer


• Basic training of pool equipment functions included. If client is installing heaters/pumps or line upgrades, additional charges may occur to upgrade lines to comply with equipment manufacture warranty.


All electrical to be installed per plan and code.

  • Up to 50’ Electrical run up to #10 wire (from main panel to equipment area)
  • Gas run 50′ Ln/Ft (from gas meter to equipment area)
  • Perimeter bonding, GFCI breaker for pump and electrical connections per code


(Anything beyond 50’ client will be responsible for at a rate of $30 per ft which includes materials and trenching).

• 15/20 yd. Dumpster to be provided as necessary to store and remove debris.

Luxe Development Group Inc. DBA Luxe Pools and Landscaping will not be responsible financially for a client or neighbor using construction bin to throw any personal or oversized trash into the dumpsters provided for construction of the pool. The dumpsters we provide are solely for the construction of the pool. Any personal garbage from the client found in the dumpsters provided will incur additional charges based on space taken from dumpster as a change order. Our average cost per month for these containers is $500 per month plus dump fees. Please keep this in mind. If we feel at the end of the job there is room for your personal items to be thrown away, then please ask beforehand.

Luxe Development Group Inc. DBA Luxe Pools and Landscaping will not be held responsible for construction objects hidden in the ground such as nails, staples, wire, etc. Although we try our best to provide a safe, clean site, it is not guaranteed to be debris free


  • Lavatory on site for duration of project.

Project 3d Renderings:

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