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Barrier Codes In Chandler

29-6. Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code adopted.

In addition to the requirements of Chandler City Zoning Code, Section 2205, all pools installed on or after August 7, 1993, shall be enclosed by a permanent fence, wall or barrier, as set forth in this section which restricts direct access from any dwelling unit or guest room to the swimming pool. Direct access from the dwelling unit or guestroom to the swimming pool must be restricted by a combination of one or more of the following:

1.Interior Barrier.

¬†Interior barriers shall be a permanent fence, wall, building wall or a combination thereof which completely surrounds the swimming pool. The poolside of the barrier shall not be less than twenty inches from the water’s edge. The top of the barrier, including all gates and doors therein, shall not be less than five (5) feet above the floor or underlying ground measured on the exterior side of the enclosure.
There shall be no openings, holes or gaps in the interior barrier large enough for sphere four (4)inches in diameter to pass through. A barrier fence or wall shall have no handholds, footholds or horizontal members accessible from the exterior side of the enclosure. Horizontal members of fences shall be spaced not less than forty-five (45) inches apart measured vertically or shall be placed on the pool side of a fence which has no opening greater than one and three-quarters (1 3/4) inches measured horizontally. Wire mesh or chain link fences shall have a maximum mesh size of one and three-quarters (1 3/4) inches measured horizontally. Plastic mesh and fences defined by the manufacturer as a temporary fence are deemed unsuitable for the purposes of this section regardless of any modifications proposed to make said fence compliant.


All gates in an interior barrier shall be equipped to accommodate a locking device. All
pedestrian access gates shall be self-closing and self-latching. All pedestrian access gates installed after August 7, 1993 shall open outwards from the pool. Gates other than a pedestrian access gate need not be self-closing or self-latching when they are kept secure by a padlock or similar locking device. Gate latches shall be located not less than fifty-four (54) inches above the underlying ground or shall otherwise be made inaccessible from the outside to small children.

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