Zoey W

Proposal For Zoey Werton Thank you for the opportunity to bid your project. For the price of $69,300 We will Build a Build 25’x 15’, 80’ Perimeter Pool. Pool Dimensions: Depths from 3′ to 7′. Pool Internal surface area: 375 sq ft at 11,095 Gallons Install 84 Ln / Ft of 12’x 12’ Coping- Silver […]

Pool Heating and Cooling Options

Your Pool’s Temperature = perfect In the diverse climate of Arizona, having the right pool heating and cooling options can transform your swimming experience. A perfectly temperature-controlled pool extends your swimming season, ensuring comfort and enjoyment year-round. At Luxe Pools and Landscaping, we’re here to help you navigate the best heating and cooling solutions for […]

Transforming Your Newly Built Pool into an Ultimate Entertainment Space

Living with an Amazing Pool A custom-built pool isn’t just a place for swimming—it’s a hub of entertainment, a gathering spot for friends and family, and an oasis for relaxation. When thoughtfully designed and furnished, your pool can serve as the ultimate entertainment space in your Arizona home. At Luxe Pools and Landscaping, we believe […]

Pool Side Plants Good For Arizona

Arizona Pool Side Plants for Pools That Thrive In the heat of the Arizona climate, not all plants can thrive, especially near a pool. The pool area is a unique environment where plants need to withstand not only high temperatures but also occasional splashes of chlorinated water. At Luxe Pools and Landscaping, we specialize in […]

Benefits Building a Custom Pool

The Benefits of Building a Custom Swimming Pool In the sun-drenched landscapes of Arizona, a custom swimming pool isn’t just a luxury—it’s a sanctuary. As you bask in the glorious warmth of the desert sun, imagine lounging by your personalized oasis, a pool designed with you and for you. This vision is a reality with […]