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We feel Luxe Pools and Landscaping is the perfect fit for your project as we specialize in building pools and spa’s. We pay close attention to your needs and are always there for you, our customer. We never take short cuts and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your project from beginning to end!

We use the latest software to keep you up to date on your project, we can send you alerts and notifications throughout the entire construction progress.

We put everything in writing. We provide detailed change orders that must be signed by both parties to ensure that there are no surprises during the construction process.

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Luxe Development Group Inc DBA Luxe Pools and Landscaping proposes the following for your consideration for your new 7,596 gallon pool & 594 gallon Spa.

For the amount of: $28,690

  • Wall tear down and rebuild – $1,500
  • Pavers- $6.00 per sq. ft installed
  • Expedited permitting $350 (optional)

Luxe Pools & Landscaping will perform the following

Plans & Permitting

  • Included

Pool Gallons

  • 26,601

Size of Pool

  • 41’2″ft. x 27’11″ft.

Pool Depth

  • 3ft. to 6ft.

Pool Interior Finish

  • Plaster

Pool Perimeter

  • 150’2″ft.

Pool Drains

  • 1

Pool Coping

  • 59 Lineal Feet

Specifications Continued

Spa Gallons

  • 535

Size of Spa

  • 8’6″ft. x 7’6″ft

Spa Surface Area

  • 137.01 sq. ft.

Spa Interior Area

  • 21’5″ sq. ft.

Spa Perimeter

  • 28’2″ft.

Spa Coping

  • 26 Lineal Feet.

Spa Spillover

  • Length: 8’7″ft.
  • Material: Standard Blue Tile
Residential Arizona Pool Builder Gallery IMG 3

Specifications Continued

Tile Linear Ft.

  • Pool 3″150’2″in.
  • Spa 6″28’2″in.

Tile Material

  • Standard Blue Tile

Coping Material

  • Pool: Blue Stone
  • Spa: Blue Stone


  • Excavate Up to 600 sq. ft. & Grade Steps
  • Pool to Be Excavated From 3’to 6′ Depth
  • Does Not Include Grate Removal

Specifications Continued

Cartridge Filter

Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter

Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Pool Filters have a corrosion-resistant, injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene filter tank featuring superior strength and reliability.  The cartridge assembly uses four, non-woven, polyester cartridges.  There is no need for back washing.  Simply remove the cartridges and rinse with a hose, reducing water consumption.

  • Large filter area for increased dirt capacity
  • 100% drain clean-out port
  • Continuous high flow internal air relief
  • Durable injection-molded tank
  • Balanced Hydraulic flow 
About Luxe Pools and Landscaping

Specifications Continued


Pentair Intellitouch

  • 1.5 HP Variable speed pump 
  • Energy savings up to 90% compared to traditional pumps
  • Comes with pump unions suitable for Pentair IntelliFlo pool pumps
  • Threaded 2 inch MPT x2 inch slip
  • Service factor: 1.32
  • Works with in-floor pool cleaning systems
  • Surge protector suitable for pool and spa pumps, heat pumps, and motors
Residential Arizona Pool Builder Gallery IMG 4

Specifications Continued


  • Pool Rebar 5,203 Lineal ft
  • Spa Rebar 469’2″ Lineal Feet


  • Pool: Install a total of (3) steps
  • Spa: Install a total of (1) steps


  • Pool Perimeter: 128′
  • Spa: 18’3″


  • Up to 100′ electrical run up to #10 wire (from main panel to equipment area)
  • Perimeter bonding, GFCI breaker for pump and electrical connections per code
  • 3 – Intellibrite white LED pool lights (#2 control panel at equipment area)
  • Stand alone easy touch control panel

Specifications Continued


  • Pool area: 41’9″ yards
  • Spa area: 3’7″ yards


  • Full mechanical start-up of all components
  • Customer orientation to explain all functions and operations


  • Pool Perimeter: 150′ 2″
  • Spa: 28′2″


  • Luxe Pools & Landscaping offer’s a 6 year workmanship warranty on pool interior and 3 year limited warranty on pool equipment.  (must be maintained and professionally and documented)

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